Can You Take It?

Britain’s first junior drugs education play was commissioned by Bristol Health Promotion and

has since been presented over three hundred times

Pupils enter the school hall to find they are the audience of a new TV games and chat show hosted by the razzmatazz star Johnny Perfect. During the fun and games Johnny tries out various drugs on two zany puppets to find out their effects. He then accuses his two guests of using illegal drugs but Ian and Karen uncover a plot to hypnotise the viewers into buying a new highly addictive cigarette. Johnny proves not to be so perfect when he himself is shown to be addicted to cigarettes and alcohol. Take your seats in the TV studio and help Ian and Karen foil Johnny’s despicable plot.

The hour-long play is followed by a half-hour discussion session in which each of the characters is examined to see which drugs they are using and why. The presentation provides an over view of the world of drugs to see why people take them and what are the effects. The performers stress the dangers of drugs, particularly those which young people are likely to encounter

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Over two-thirds
of seventeen
year olds
know an illegal drug user.

The most dangerous drug
to young
is alcohol.


Suitable for
Y5 & Y6 (Only)

The performance cost is £350. Schools are encouraged to cluster together


"The amount of discussion the play generated was incredible. I was astounded by how much information they had absorbed "

Tammi Bateman, Abbeymead School

"We have built the play into our PSHE and Citizenship programme. It has more impact than several lessons on the subject."

Hilary Orme, Ann Cam School

"It was lively and engaging, held the audience’s attention and was pitched at the right level for a Junior School audience."

Inspector Mark Johnson,

Avon & Somerset Constabulary

tel : 01453 763808