As You Like It - Summer 2019

by William Shakespeare, Rain or Shine Theatre Company


"Rob Keeves’ wrestler, Charles, and the melancholy Jacques shared a thoughtfulness that grounded both characters. As Jacques, Rob reflected on the human condition eloquently, providing a balance to the amorous mayhem burgeoning all around."

Much Ado About Nothing - Summer 2018

by William Shakespeare, Rain or Shine Theatre Company


"Rob Keeves cleverly swaps characters from a posh army officer to the daft clown Dogberry, as he brings the house down with his zany antics."

"His co-night watchmen is splendidly played by Rob Keeves (Dogberry), who also doubles as the sullen and bitter troublemaker Don John, Don Pedro’s illegitimate brother."

Twelfth Night - Summer 2017

by William Shakespeare, Rain or Shine Theatre Company


"Charismatic Rob Keeves turned in a peach of performance as Lady Olivia’s haughty steward who still garnered sympathy after the foul trick played on him, while vowing revenge on his tormentors."


"Rob Keeves Malvolio's attempts to smile and beguile Olivia were a joy to watch; on the other hand, the gathering together of his tattered shreds of dignity was understandably difficult to watch for modern sensibilities."

Great Expectations - Winter 2014 - 2015

by Charles Dickens, Rain or Shine Theatre Company


"Rob Keeves had two diametrically opposite characters: the benevolent Joe and the villainous Compeyson. I

particularly liked the inventiveness between the lines that infused Joe's perfomance and spoke volumes."


"Rob Keeves was especially endearing as good-heartedblacksmith Joe Gargery"

Adrian's Wall - September 2014

by Nick Wilkes, Malvernbard


"Rob Keeves as the working class ‘brickie’ holds our attention throughout. He is dynamic and believable, his acting is powerful and demands your attention."


"All of the actors are excellent in their roles and give an immensely slick performance"


"Rob Keeves, as builder Bryan, provides the comic antidote to Nevil and is a valuable source of humorous conflict and earthy humour."

The Merchant of Venice - Summer 2014

by William Shakespeare, Rain or Shine Theatre Company


"Most of the performers are required to double up, so, for example, while you are thinking over the merits of Rob Keeves’ interpretation of the beleagured Antonio, lo and behold, back he comes again as a highly droll Launcelot Gobbo, with no loss of energy or sense of characterisation."


"the stable anchor this time round was Rob Keeves whose assured performance of Antonio combined dignity, determination and panic in equal measure. Perfectly complementing Anthony Young’s outrageous Prince of Morocco, his brief turn as the ever-so-slightly camp Prince of Aragon was an unmitigated delight."


"Rob Keeves’ serious, generous Antonio, facing a terrible fate for love of his friend, was a stunning contrast to his ebullient, puppy-like Gobbo. I who dread Shakespearean

clowns with their tedious word-play and vulgarity, warmed to this high-energy performance."

Treasure Island - Summer 2014

by Robert Louis Stevenson, Rain or Shine Theatre Company



"Mad Ben Gunn, the maroon, is played by the magnificently innocent and swivel eyed Rob Keeves."




The Comedy of Errors - summer 2013

by William Shakespeare, Rain or Shine Theatre Company



"At its heart, however, lay a masterclass in clear diction, brilliant timing and faultless performances, especially from the wonderfully goofy Dromios."