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The Comedy of Errors - Summer 2023

by William Shakespeare, Rain or Shine Theatre Company

"Pippa Meekings was a confident, sexy Adriana, wife of Antipholus of S, confident, with a flashing eye,
flashing leg"

"Pippa Meekings is wonderfully lusty in every sense
as Adriana, relishing her lines and forming a contrasting partnership with an effervescent
Nicola Rainford who plays her less forward sister Luciana."

Stoops- LeafletFRONT_edited.jpg
She Stoops to Conquer - Summer 2021

by Oliver Goldsmith, Rain or Shine Theatre Company

"Pippa Meekings, this time as Kate Hardcastle who is looking for a husband, is exemplary in her clarity, always creating a stage presence."

As You Like It - Summer 2019

by William Shakespeare, Rain or Shine Theatre Company

" I thought Pippa Meeking’s Rosalind/Ganymede was outstanding. The nuances of hidden femininity in love and affection that she portrayed while being Ganymede was so beautiful and believable and the short time she had to actually be Rosalind brought that out perfectly too."

"Emmeline Braefield and Pippa Meekings surpassed themselves with their portrayals of affectionate, lifelong childhood friends on the threshold of love and adulthood. They clearly relished their roles, and that was infectious."

"Pippa Meekings and Emmeline Braefield the perfect pairing."

Much Ado About Nothing - Summer 2018

by William Shakespeare, Rain or Shine Theatre Company

"Meekings’s facial expressions, used throughout this production, add to her feisty and excellent performance giving depth and breadth to her character who has sworn off love and marriage even though attracted to Benedick, a man who constantly makes witty jokes often at the expense of his friends and who too has sworn off love and marriage."

"The leads, Meekings and Smith, were both equally exceptional. Their comic timing, facial expressions and the way they played off each other was fantastic. Between them they guaranteed much laughter and chuckling from the crowd."

"The psychology of war and homecoming is used to excellent effect in this production to underpin the high-flying emotions and unease between the characters, reflected in the lesser war between Beatrice and Benedick as they come to accept love, despite their strident protestations against the m-word. At first I found the tone of their banter too full on – but came to see it as a manifestation of the complexity, not just of their feelings for each other, but of the emotional landscape of war and peace. As Pippa Meekings and Peter M. Smith came to an infectious delight in each other – at first completely set up by their mischievous companions – we took pleasure in their personal armistice."

"Pippa Meekings was perfect for part of Beatrice, with great comic timing, an infectious laugh, and a clarity to the musical tone of her voice which came across perfectly in the outdoor performance setting. She also had tons of energy and huge gestures, which paired perfectly with her love interest, the larger than life, Benedick, played by Peter M. Smith."

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Twelfth Night - Summer 2017

by William Shakespeare, Rain or Shine Theatre Company

"Pippa's portrayal of a young woman in love with her employer, pretending to be a young man pressing her lovelorn employer's suit, was very well observed and she found all the humour that the part demands."


The Hound of the Baskervilles - Winter 2016

by Arthur Conan Doyle, Rain or Shine Theatre Company

"Meekings was also excellent, particularly in the role of Miss Stapleton, and would cringe away from the touch of her overbearing brother, twisting herself into all sorts of contortions to avoid him. The campy eccentricity of the hysterical Miss Stapleton was played to perfection by her, particularly when her character crossed over with that of Detective Inspector Lestrade by way of a forgotten moustache. Her appearances as Dr Mortimer were also brilliantly played, down to the gentle tremble in her hands and the habitual tucking in of her necktie into her waistcoat."

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Summer 2016

by William Shakespeare, Rain or Shine Theatre Company

"Emmeline Braefield (Hermia) and Pippa Meekings (Helena) were faultless chasing after and being rejected by their partners, cat fighting, weeping or as exasperated young Athenian girls."

"Returning for another year, Pippa Meekings demonstrated her superb comic timing, portraying the love-struck, hopeless heroine, Helena, to a tee."

"As a wearingly love-lorn and clingy Helena, Pippa Meekings plays a blinder."

The Tempest - Summer 2015

by William Shakespeare, Rain or Shine Theatre Company


"Pippa Meekings brought fun and wit to a young girl on the edge of womanhood. Falling in love with Ferdinand was inevitable and natural. Sometimes young lovers in plays are a pain; happily Pippa and Ellis were love-struck, sweet, believable and delightfully daft."

"Pippa Meekings was delightful in the role of Miranda, her childish innocence and naivety inviting gales of laughter."

"...their scenes warmed the cockles and limbered the chuckle muscles"

Great Expectations - Winter 2014 - 2015

by Charles Dickens, Rain or Shine Theatre Company


"Pippa Meekings brought convincing, expressive charm to the role of Pip, taking us from his boyhood through to an emotional coming of age. Her eloquent eyes, in particular, spoke volumes, adding depth to an excellent, always likeable, interpretation of a character we all feel we know well.."


"But tonight’s biggest laurels went to central anchor, and aptly-named, Pippa Meekings as parvenu Pip."

The Merchant of Venice - Summer 2014

by William Shakespeare, Rain or Shine Theatre Company


"As Jessica and Lorenzo, Pippa Meekings and Tyler Coombes did something amazing. They went beyond the text with subtle intelligence to show an ill-advised pairing, rooted in lust and lucre, masquerading as love. We watched Lorenzo fawning on Portia; we saw Jessica’s discomfort in the company of his Christian friends with their snubs, and her ambivalence towards her father and evident distress at his fall from grace. Like the whole production, it was intelligent, uncomfortable and honest, however much we were beguiled by beauty and lightened by laughter."

"Pippa Meekings is very touching as Jessica, uncertain of her lover Lorenzo or her place in Belmont as the disgraced Shylock's daughter."

The Snow Queen - Winter 2013

by William Shakespeare, Rain or Shine Theatre Company.

"Snow Queen Pippa Meekings stole the show with her expressive face and versatile voice."

"The Best Actress award this time round goes to Pippa Meekings who positively smoldered in the title role. Bedecked in glistening white, and exploiting her controlled sultry voice to perfection, she transformed the supposedly evil queen into a compassionate figure of considerable sympathy."

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As You Like It - Summer 2012

by William Shakespeare, Rain or Shine Theatre Company.

"Rosalind was outstanding - her emotional range was quite remarkable and her voice was as clear as a bell"

"Pippa Meekings shines, playing a feisty and fun gender-swapping Rosalind against Tyler Coombes' lovestruck Orlando."
Jack and the Beanstalk - Winter 2011

Worcester Live, The Swan Theatre, Worcester.

"Pippa Meekings is not just a good fairy, she's an astounding one, with a voice that could shatter a thousand champagne glasses with its clarity"

The Importance of Being Earnest - Summer 2010

by Oscar Wilde, Rain or Shine Theatre Company

"Claire Tucker, as a deceptively simpering Cecily and Pippa Meekings, as a haughty Gwendolen, complete with her “vibrations”, who portray a delightfully spicy conflict of interests."

"Pippa Meekings, notably more assured year on year and 100 % expressive with eyes, gesture, voice and bearing, stands out"

"Pippa Meekings shone gracefully as the flirtatious, if hoity-toity, Gwendolen."

The Taming of the Shrew - Summer 2009

by William Shakespeare, Rain or Shine Theatre Company

"Pippa Meekings can portray an alluring Bianca as well as a streetwise lad, a guise in which she carries off a tongue-twisting, rapid-fire monologue."

Twelfth Night - Summer 2007

by William Shakespeare, Rain or Shine Theatre Company



" Olivia (an effervescent, engaging Pippa Meekings)."

dream_iamge copy.png
A Midsummer Night's Dream - Summer 2006

Rain or Shine Theatre Company



"Pippa Meekings makes an impressive entrance as a towering Puck who jumps down from Oberon’s shoulders to become a smaller mischievous sprite."

"Pippa Meekings provided a livewire and beautifully-spoken Puck"


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